July 2013

3 Grants/$116,686 Awarded

Continuous Electrophysiologic and Behavior Monitoring after Ischemic Stroke

Amount: $44,686
Primary Investigator: Cyrus King, MD
Category: Cerebrovascular

Charting the chronological evolution of brain activity during and after a stroke, and assessing the development of associated neurologic problems. Researchers hope to identify the signals of brain damage as it occurs and distinguish it from benign abnormalities, thus identifying patterns that will benefit from treatment.

Targeting GTP- Metabolic Pathway for Malignant Brain Tumors

Amount: $50,000
Primary Investigator: Atsuo Sasaki, PhD
Category: Brain Tumor

To develop a new therapeutic approach to malignant brain tumors, with a particular focus on metastatic cancers. Researchers are targeting specific chemical reactions at the cellular level that occur regularly in the development of tumors. The end goal is to develop a single effective drug therapy that could be utilized to eradicate all types of brain tumors, no matter their origin.

Use of Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Evaluate Effects of Surgical Evacuation of Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Amount: $22,000
Primary Investigator: Jennifer Kosty, MD
Category: Cerebrovascular

To determine the potential benefits of minimally invasive surgical removal of the at-risk brain tissue that surrounds cerebral hemorrhages, with the goal of protecting the brain against further injury. Small studies have shown that such surgery can have a positive effect on the patient's recovery, particularly when involving the corticospinal tract. This part of the brain conducts impulses from the brain to the spinal cord and is vital in our ability to make voluntary skilled movements.