Giving Spotlight: Meet the Wrights

Dr. Creighton and Mrs. Carolyn Wright are a duo who rarely stay in for the night. As a couple, they attend countless fundraising events and serve in numerous leadership roles.

They share their commitment to the vibrancy and health of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region by supporting organizations, such as the Cincinnati Opera, American Heart Association and the USO to name a few. The Mayfield Foundation is also honored to have Dr. Wright's counsel and leadership on its board of trustees.

Dr. Creighton and Mrs. Carolyn Wright

We caught up with Dr. Wright to learn more about his personal contributions to the region and to Mayfield.

Dr. Wright, you are the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Mercy West Hospital. You have served on many boards around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Why did you choose to serve and support the Mayfield Foundation?

"Mayfield has a unique clinical and scientific history, and I have known or worked with most of the board members for years at multiple medical centers.

On a personal note, I have also been a patient at Mayfield. I have great respect for the Mayfield team and was encouraged to serve on the Foundation board by other Mercy Health executives. Since then, I have enjoyed working with my board member colleagues, Jim McGraw and Dr. Bill Tobler, and the board immensely."

Why do you think that the Mayfield Foundation is an important and worthwhile organization?

"The education programs offered regionally and nationally and the collaborations with other outstanding nationally recognized clinics are important to expanding the knowledge of neurological and neurosurgical disease management. The Mayfield Surgical Innovation Lab, a state-of-the-art training facility for spine and cranial surgery technology and minimally invasive procedures, is a huge resource for improving surgical care.

The Mayfield staff and leadership find your enthusiasm for the Foundation and for philanthropy infectious. Why do you encourage others to support the Foundation?

The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation is lovingly referred to as MERF!

I believe strongly in the E: Education for community and physicians locally and nationally.

I believe strongly in the R: Research - unique patient volume and history to share to improve care. Innovation and creativity. I have encouraged the Mayfield surgeons to complete even more clinical publications and that is happening despite their busy practices."

You choose to give through your IRA. Why does this giving vehicle work for you?

"Giving is always personal. I am fortunate to have an IRA and am of an age where I must take a required minimum distribution (RMD) annually. I still work and have other income sources. The IRA to Charity option is immediate, direct, and easy. I send a note with a charity listed and a signature submitted to TIAA, and it is done. I have done this for several charities that are meaningful to Carolyn and me over 10 years. The Mayfield Foundation, American Heart Association, Duke University, University of Virginia, USO and Salvation Army are among the ones we consider for this mechanism at the end of each year, and before December 31st!"