Dr. Couldwell presents ninth Keller Lecture

Mayfield's 84-year legacy of groundbreaking research and education has officially extended into orbit – the seven orbital bones, that is.

The bony cup inside the skull was the primary focus of 2021 Keller Lecturer Dr. William Couldwell during the October 29 event presented by the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation. The annual Keller Lectureship is one of the foundation's signature events to fulfill its mission of advancing care for patients with brain and spine disorders through leading-edge education and research.

L to R: Dr. Vince DiNapoli, Dr. Yair Gozal, Dr. William Couldwell and Dr. Joseph Breen

Dr. Couldwell called the orbit one of the next frontiers in neurosurgical care because the region is natural and forgiving corridor to deep brain lesions. The orbit is a nexus for cranial nerves, blood vessels, ligaments and other nerves.

"I liken it to archaeology, trying to find normal structures," he told the audience of residents, neurosurgeons and Mayfield leadership. "It's important to understand the nuances of the anatomy in this area."

Beyond Dr. Couldwell's featured lecture, the two-day event included education sessions led by other neurosurgeons, including Dr. Vincent DiNapoli and Dr. Yair Gozal of Mayfield Brain & Spine. Dr. DiNapoli served as course director for this year's Keller Lecture, and Dr. Gozal completed a fellowship at the University of Utah, where Dr. Couldwell serves as chairman and professor of Neurosurgery, before coming to Mayfield in 2017.

In his introduction of Dr. Couldwell, Dr. Gozal called him a "quadruple threat," skilled and accomplished as a neurosurgeon, a scientific contributor, an administrator and an educator.

The two-day event also included hands-on laboratory sessions at the Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center, featuring dissection and petroclival approaches. Presenters including Dr. Joseph Breen (otologic surgeon) and Dr. Lee Zimmer (endonasal surgeon) to highlight the collaborative training of ENT and neurosurgery residents necessary to form skull base surgery teams. Dr. Shaan Raza, faculty member in Neurosurgery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, presented a virtual lecture. The Mayfield Foundation also recognized Dr. Khaled Aziz for his contributions to surgical neuroanatomy and skull base surgery.

The Keller Lecture is presented in honor of Dr. Jeffrey Keller, research professor of Neurosurgery, Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati and a board member of the Mayfield Foundation, who has been training surgeons, residents and medical students in applied neuroanatomy for more than 30 years.

Made possible through generous donations, the lecture brings together physicians and students to learn from prominent neurosurgeons from around the world.

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November 3, 2021

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