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The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation supports groundbreaking advancements in neurosurgery and related neuroscience fields. Learn more about what we do.


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“If not for Mayfield, my quality of life wouldn’t be as good as it is today,” Laura Guggenheim says. Her video story of hope demonstrates the impact Mayfield can have – serving patients and changing lives.

At the Foundation, we support the pursuit of excellence in clinical care, education and research. All to benefit patients like Laura and the generations that will follow.

Mayfield Education & Research Foundation sponsored clinical trial to study impact of spinal cord stimulation on patients with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

The effectiveness of spinal cord stimulation to help patients who suffer nighttime pain and involuntary movement in their legs and feet while sleeping will be the next research study from the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation.

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Back Talks! Brain Talks!


In "Brain Talks" and "Back Talks," we've asked the neurosurgeons and physical therapists at Mayfield Brain & Spine to share their expertise.

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Mayfield will ramp up investments in our growing research program in 2022, fueled by expanded clinical trials, additional laboratory programs and increased access to outcomes data. Read more at

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Dr. Creighton and Mrs. Carolyn Wright

Giving Spotlight

Meet the Wrights - Dr. Creighton and Mrs. Carolyn Wright are a duo who rarely stay in for the night. As a couple, they attend countless fundraising events and serve in numerous leadership roles. 

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