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03.13.17 Mayfield Foundation Awards Inaugural $50,000 ‘Spark Grant’ for Scientific Research in ALS


01.24.17 Mayfield Foundation Presents The Art & Science of Healing: The Hippest Science Fair in Town


09.29.16 Mayfield Foundation Hires New Director of Development


07.19.16  Mayfield Foundation helps UC Researchers Earn $4.7M to Study Secondary Injury after TBI


02.18.16  Mayfield Foundation Reinvents An Inspiring Evening: 'The Art & Science of Healing II' 

01.07.16  UC Scientist Identifies Energy Sensor as Potential New Target for Cancer Drugs


04.10.15  Living Legacy Gift Establishes ALS Research Fund

01.20.15  Mayfield Foundation Presents 'The Art & Science of Healing' 

11.25.14  Researchers Explore Potential of SapC-DOPS Technology to Provide Better Scans of Hard-to-Visualize Brain Cancers

09.30.14  Scientists Show EEG’s potential to Reveal Depolarizations Following TBI

09.03.14  Researchers Seek to Use the Brain's Own Messages to Fine-Tune DBS Surgery

03.11.14  Crossing 'No-Man's Land' in the Brain: Barrow Director Dr. Robert Spetzler to Give Keller Lecture

03.10.14  Young Scientists Explore New Ways to Identify, Measure and Treat Traumatic Brain Injury 

12.20.13  Two Cincinnati Health Leaders Join Mayfield Foundation Board

12.04.13  Researchers unravel important role of Rb tumor suppressor in aggressive form of breast cancer

10.21.13  Mayfield Foundation Makes Big Investments in Neuroscience, Awards $117k in Pilot Grants 

08.09.13  Researchers Show How the Brain’s Micro-environment Fuels Metastatic Tumor Growth 

01.15.13  UC Brain Tumor Center tests thousands of compounds in search of new glioblastoma treatment


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