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Independent of the Mayfield Clinic yet closely aligned with its mission and work, the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation seeks to promote continued collaboration among health care providers. We uphold the original vision of our founder, Dr. Frank H. Mayfield, that all hospitals—community and academic—should work together to further research and care for patients in the most effective, efficient, and compassionate manner.

The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation represents a unique opportunity for competing institutions to come together; though contenders in the delivery of care, we believe that education and research efforts can and should be shared. 

The institutional diversity of the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation Board is designed to inspire vigorous debate. Decisions require a consensus of major institutional stakeholders:


William D. Tobler, MD, Chair  
Mayfield Clinic

Arthur G. Arand, MD
Neurosurgeon & Chairman
Mayfield Clinic

Victor DiPilla
Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer
The Christ Hospital

Jeffrey T. Keller, PhD
Research Professor of Neurosurgery, Emeritus
UC Department of Neurosurgery

R. Glen Mayfield
Managing Director
River Cities Capital Funds

James J. McGraw, Jr.
Keating, Muething & Klekamp PLL

Andrew J. Ringer, MD
Mayfield Clinic 

John R. Robinson, MD, FACS, CPE
Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations

Mario Zuccarello, MD  
Neurosurgeon, Mayfield Clinic
Professor & Chairman
Frank H. Mayfield Chair for Neurological Surgery
UC Department of Neurosurgery


Robert E. Rich  
Taft, Stetinius & Hollister, LLP



Deborah Livingston 
Development Director
Mayfield Education & Research Foundation



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